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Stan's a Ram Man

So, Rapids owner Stanley E. Kroenke has officially bought the St. Louis Rams football team for reasons that still escape most fans of the multiple teams he already owns. Fortunately for us Rapids fans, it probably won't be affecting us much on our side of the matter. The outcry among the fans of the Nuggets and Avalanche involves the NFL's owner clause that basically states that you're not allowed to own a major sports team in a different city that contains an NFL team. There's really no reason for this rule to exist, especially since Pat Bowlen (Broncos owner) has basically said he doesn't care.

His son is taking over the teams and their budgets to keep him out of this rule, which has raised some fairly valid concerns over how the new guy is going to handle the teams. Tightwad spending, possible moves away from Denver, a lot of problematic ideas have come up out of the twisted and frightened Denverites minds. This is especially funny because a lot of St. Louis fans have become fairly paranoid that Stan only bought their team so that he could immediately move them to Los Angeles. (Didn't they already try that?)

Luckily if not a bit insultingly, MLS is not considered major in the world of American sports, so they can continue to be under Mr. Kroenke's rule, even if it's only because he's not actually aware that the Rapids exist or that he owns them.