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Short Scouting Report: San Jose Earthquakes

Finally, a game against a team that's doing just as bad as the Rapids are! While the last few games have been against teams like the red hot FC Dallas, the slowly rejuvinating Sounders and the always impossible to beat at home Toronto FC, the San Jose Earthquakes are doing just about the same thing the Rapids are doing - floundering.

The Rapids are winless in their last seven, with five of those being draws. San Jose has one win in their last eight, that win coming via a visit to a very weak Philly team. In other words, this one is a wash. Two struggling teams going neck in neck in the standings, this game should be fun. SJ is 6-5-5 right now with a game in hand on the 6-5-6 Rapids, only a point behind Colorado in the standings.

SJ does have one statistic completely on their side in this match, though. Since returning to the league in 2008 after their slight disruption away from it, the Rapids have never defeated the Quakes, at home or otherwise. All time, the Quakes also hold the advantage in record. Being at The Dick should help the Rapids out at getting their first win in who knows how long... at least I hope so.