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Short Scouting Report: Philadelphia Union

It's the new kids on the block! Philly was approved for an MLS team back in 2008, which turned into the Union, and here we are in the middle of their inaugural season! Gotta tell you, not exactly a season to remember so far. They were shut out in their first game of existance in Seattle, and haven't much turned on the heat since that point. With a measly 16 points, only DC United is having a worse season than Philly.

Part of their miserable season thus far has been their defense and goalkeeping, who haven't been able to put together a clean sheet yet and boast together a 1.86 Goals Against Average, good for worst in the league. That's 33 goals given up in 18 games, also the most in the league. Even the fantastic offensive play of midfielder Sabastien Le Toux - who has nine goals AND eight assists on the season - hasn't been enough to drag them out of the losing ways they've drug themselves into in the first place.

They do have bitchin' cool kits though, so that's something!