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Short Scouting Report: Houston Dynamo

Finally, the Rapids face a team that been in as bad a fit of form as they have! The historically slow-starting Dynamo have actually been faltering in the middle of the season as well this time around, with only one win since May. Of course, it can't be understated that the win was their most recent game, defeating Chicago in what passes for a slugfest in football, 4-3. They haven't had consecutive wins since way back in June of 2009 - 49 straight games without rattling off two wins in a row according to our friends at Dynamo Theory - not what you like to see from a team that had brought home a cup so recently.

Houston's poor form thus far this season has left them a place behind the Rapids in the standings, stuck five points from the nearest team to them and embedded in seventh place in the West. Brian Ching hasn't had his usual scoring touch at forward for offense-starved Houston, and a small bit of injury bug has also been plaguing the Orange boys from Houston this season.

They do have a player (backup goalkeeper) named Tally Hall though, which is a pretty awesome name no matter what sport you play.