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Short Scouting Report: Columbus Crew

The 2008 MLS champions might not have repeated their title run last season, being defeated in the first round by the eventual surprise champions Real Salt Lake, but they are still a more than formidable side to play against. The Crew are on a crash course to another high seeded playoff berth with just about the same talent that has kept them going for the past few years.

Their offensive leader on the pitch is veteran forward and one of the first DP's to ever enter the league Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who has netted five goals and seven assists on the season so far. Their defense ain't bad either, they are currently one of surprisingly only TWO teams in the East that have a positive goal differential with 9 along with Chicago, whose positive GD is only +1. (There's three teams if you count zero as a positive number, Toronto FC has a nil GD.)

Columbus is currently up in a six point lead with New York for the Eastern conference lead, although with Los Angeles tearing it up this season it doesn't look like the Crew will be able to get a third straight supporters shield.