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The Rapids added players in saturated positions

The Transfer window finally closed with not much more than a whimper of activity out of the Colorado Rapids' front office. After flat out refusing to add a designated player because of money issues and a strange seeming assumption that DP's aren't "worth it", the Rapids only wound up adding two players to the current squad during the transfer window. Left-back Anthony Wallace was traded from FC Dallas to the Rapids for a 4th round draft pick and a possible one to be named later, and central midfielder Davy Armstrong was promoted from the "Rapids Academy" to become the first homegrown player to ever join the first team.

Neither have played a minute yet for the Rapids - although Davy couldn't have since he just now joined the team - and neither may any time soon. Davy's youth and Anthony's lack of match fitness and recent experience may be keeping them from getting major minutes, but it doesn't help that the positions they play are already saturated with players, not all bad players either.

Anthony Wallace has already been on the team for several weeks now, ever since the game against his former team Dallas in fact. He has been kept off of the team though, with the recent use and success of using Kosuke Kimura as the teams new usual starter at left-back. Past him, Danny Earls had a fantastic first half of the season being backed by Scott Palguta, so it looks as though Wallace is being firmly stuck at third or so in depth at the position. With the fantastic play of Marvell Wynne it's not looking like Wallace is going to sneak over to the right side of the defense either, barring injury.

Davy Armstrong is a central midfielder, which unfortunately for the new kid is quite possibly the most well-equipped position on the pitch for Colorado. Captain Pablo Mastroeni and all-star Jeff Larentowicz have both been playing magnificently as a pair in the center of the defense this season. Unless Gary Smith goes back to a 4-5-1 or decides he doesn't want to play two defensive midfielders in the middle of the 4-4-2 any more in order to add some offense, there's very little chance that Davy is going to get in except as a substitute for one of them. If could also play on the outside of the midfield, the Rapids could certainly use the help there with Colin Clark injured and Jamie Smith not playing as well as he usually does recently.

Hopefully they both get some playing time soon, because the Rapids cannot add anything else from outside the MLS itself until the end of the season.