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Oh look, it's THIS result again. Colorado 1 Dallas 1

The Good News: The Rapids actually scored two goals today!
The Bad News: One of them was on the wrong net.

Defender Julien Baudet wound up scoring on the Rapids net in the 22nd minute, the only goal that the Rapids would wind up letting in and as usual, a team killer. They equalized in the 26th minute as Mehdi Ballouchy took a penalty kick after one of the most blatant handballs in the penalty area you're ever going to see by Atiba Harris, who probably should have gotten a red card for the infraction. Seriously, watch it and tell me that wasn't the most blatant on-purpose handball you've ever seen.

Not helping matters - Conor Casey didn't play yesterday with the head injury still acting up, and Jeff Larentowicz played minimal minutes after being in the All-Star game.

Apparently a boy-scout meeting made the starting time for the game earlier, causing the heat to
play a factor in the game and hurting the Rapids overall. Never did like them boy scouts!

Man of the Match: Mehdi Ballouchy. PK's are usually gimme goals, but the Rapids need all the goals they can get and Mehdi got one.
Goat of the Match: Julian Baudet. Naturally the guy who scores an own goal is a shoe-in for this.