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Fire Bob Bradley

Yeah I know, you've never heard that one before. "Fire Bob Bradley" is to United States soccer as "Fire Dick Jauron" was to Buffalo Bills football a few seasons ago. It's to United States soccer as "Fire George Bush" is to the Democratic party. It's to United States soccer as "Fire Dave Trembley" was to the Baltimore Orioles. It's to- well you get the point... read: I'm out of examples. (It's to United States soccer as "Fire" is to a crowded movie theater?)

That incredibly uninspired 2-0 loss to Brazil was just another of the seemingly hundreds of nails littering the coffin that many USA fans have been trying to stick Bob in for just about as long as he's been the head coach of team USA.

There's certainly no shortage of blah moves he's made with the team, over and over again. He's always seemed to utilize the overrated Jozy Altidore no matter how good or bad he has played. The world cup was just full of Altidore moments that made me cringe with the sting of failure. I hate to scream nepotism, but Michael Bradley was showing up at just about every team as well, again regardless of amount of skill he'd been showing.

Obviously something must be up with his coaching style as well, what with the teams unfortunate tendency to give up goals within the first 15 minutes of the game. If that team didn't know how to be come back kings, they wouldn't even have been in the Round of 16 - where they also gave up a goal almost immediately, I might add - in the first place. Also, two words - Ricardo Clark.

But this isn't supposed to be a list of things wrong with Bradley, that would take all day! Besides, there's entire blogs dedicated to the bashing of Mr. Bradley. I'm just here to say and pray that hopefully that game against Brazil will be Bob's last, with him being linked to a job with Aston Villa. Please?