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Featured Friendly: USMNT vs. Brazil

I figure as long as the Rapids keep holding out and never bothering to have interntional - or hell, even national - friendlies of their own I might as well talk about some other teams that I care about's friendlies. Or not, I suppose turning this into a 100% US men's national team and Crystal Palace FC blog might be looked down upon. That and I'd have to change the blog name to "Various Shades of Red Wave" to fit the color schemes of all my teams together. Either way, I'm excited to see US men's national team football back in business after the World Cup.

Last time these teams met was way back in the final of the Confederations Cup in South Africa back in 2009. It was not a game to remember as a US fan, the Yanks got ahead 2-0 on some fantastic play by the team all-around and then managed to have one of the worse second halves I've ever seen a team play and not only blow the lead but give it up in the last few minutes as Brazil won 3-2 and left the US fans sighin' as usual. I doubt we'll see a win here for the good guys, but hopefully the States give us something exciting to cheer about. Ideally not a 2-0 lead that they proceed to blow, though.

No Rapids players are on the roster for today's match up, not that anybody expected them to be. Conor Casey and Marvell Wynne were both on the roster that almost defeated Brazil in the Confederations Cup, getting a staggering two minutes of playing time between them in that game. (wee!)

The teams kick off in New Jersey at 6 PM Mountain Time.