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Davy Armstrong might be a Rapid soon

The Rapids youth development corps are fairly new and Colorado homegrown players haven't been all that prevalent on the Rapids since the homegrown label first showed up. That is to say, the Rapids have yet to develop a kid on their own and watch him eventually become a member of the first team. That might all change real soon in the case of our hometown boy, Davy Armstrong.

Armstrong - a central-midfielder by trade - is a damn good goalscorer with over 50 in his high school career and has skills you don't normally see in an 18 year old. He was named the Colorado high school soccer player of the year at Rangeview in 2008 and helped lead the Colorado Fusion to a title in 2006 as well. Throughout this year he has been training with the Rapids first team and now the Rapids are approaching him to go pro right out of high school.

What's keeping him from doing so? Washington. Not the president, the state. Davy has been approached by the University of Washington to play some college ball there for a scholarship. If he chooses that, we won't see him on the Rapids - and boy could we use him - any time soon.

This quote gives me a little hope though; "My drive was always to make it and to go pro, and it’s right here in my hand, pretty much." I certainly hope you lean that way, Davy.