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Colorado vs. Columbus: Rapids take on the Big Boys

Probably the toughest opponent that the Rapids will be facing for the rest of the season until way up until October when they take on the Galaxy, the Rapids will face a hell of a test going into Ohio today. (Welcome to Ohio! Ha ha, now you are stuck in Ohio!)

Conor Casey will probably be the starter at striker alongside Omar Cummings, since his head appears to be fine now aside from that giant dent. Seriously, was that there before? I swear that wasn't there before. As I pointed out earlier today, Claudio Lopez may have a shot to get some major minutes or even a spot start today. Look for him either going in at striker if Casey decides he's not feeling 100% after all, or more likely at the left midfield spot opposite (I assume) Wells Thompson.

Colorado actually has a chance to sweep the 'season series' against Columbus if they can pull out a road win today, they beat them earlier in the year at The Dick 1-0 off of a late header goal by central defender Drew Moor. A win would also keep them more afloat in the playoff standings, although a loss against an Eastern team won't sting nearly as bad as it would against, say, FC Dallas or the like.

Either way, go Rapids!