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Colorado gives up 4 goals (3 of which count), lose 3-1

That was quite possibly the worst Rapids performance of the season. Quite literally nothing was working correctly today for the boys in Burgundy, on any part of the pitch.

The game started out menacingly with Matt Pickens committing a stupid foul - and I consider any foul by a goalkeeper in his own box stupid - which basically handed the Crew a free goal only 6 minutes into the game. After that quick blow the Rapids never really recovered, playing badly all over the field and finishing like a crippled high school team.

Omar Cummings and Marvell Wynne had the best two chances of the half back to back, both of which had the goalkeeper beat but missed the net, Omar's especially horribly. Pablo Mastroeni finally managed to solve the Crew's defense off of a great pass from Mehdi Ballouchy, which snagged him his 6th career goal. They went into the half tied at two, but that was the only high point the Rapids would see.

The second half started with a very strange downpour, which stopped Colorado dead in their tracks but didn't seem to hurt the Crew. Columbus' Jason Garey scored two quick goals, one of which came off of a stupid play by Matt Pickens off a Wynne header, one of which was called back - although probably incorrectly - offside. His offside goal wouldn't wind up mattering because his eventual sub Steven Lenhart scored an easy goal in the 80th minute off a set piece which put the final nail into the coffin.

Colorado hasn't come back to win from behind in four seasons, and tonight's didn't help that statistic at all.

Man of the Match: Pablo Mastroeni. Netted a goal for himself and played fairly well on the defensive side, not being really involved in any of the goals scored.

Goat of the Match: Matt Pickens. Two of the goals can be directly attributed to Matt, you can't hand out free goals, especially if you're the goalKEEPER!