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A closer look at the Anthony Wallace trade

As we all heard on Saturday, Anthony Wallace was traded to the Colorado Rapids by FC Dallas for a 4th round MLS draft pick next season and a possible pick to-be-determined in 2012. Personally, I think that's a bargain for a 21 year old former first round pick, even one who hadn't lived up to his potential so far in his career and hadn't had the playing time he perhaps has deserved.

With the stout defense being the talk of most of the Rapids coverage this season compared to the mediocre and disappointing offense, a lot of people were expecting a move for a big offensive power in the midfield or to play at striker opposite Conor Casey. Even Gary Smith seemed to spend a while hinting that he was searching for more creativity on the offense. Therefore, it was a bit of a shocker to see the only trade out of the Rapids camp being a Left back.

It makes a little more sense than you might think. The defense was indeed incredibly stout at the start of the season, but in the last month or so it has begun to sink a bit in the stoutness department, especially in the left-back position. Danny Earls had held the position down well all season, until a couple of bad plays led to him getting subbed out quickly against Toronto for Scott Palguta. The next game Palguta started, but played just as badly and got subbed out for Earls. Earls also started against Seattle but had to be pulled for Kosuke Kimura in the second half. If Earls can't hold down the position as well as he needs to, Wallace could provide an answer.

Wallace has only made 15 total MLS appearances since being drafted by Dallas after coaching changes, injuries and bad play on the pitch combined to keep him on the bench. He missed the U-20 world cup after tearing up his knee as well, which didn't help him and kept him off the football pitch even more than usual, after which he lost just about all his time in Dallas once again while other players stole his spots. The move to Colorado should provide him the first-team football he's been looking for.

Gary Smith obviously believes that the offense is due for a rejuvenation now that Claudio Lopez is back, so he's pulling a Colorado Rockies and keeping it as is at the trade deadline. Or maybe Wallace will be played as a striker!

Hey, anything could happen. :/