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Claudio Lopez 'frustrated', Might Play Today

Gary Smith realizes that Claudio Lopez hasn't been getting the playing time that he has wished for himself thus far this season. When asked about who will be taking over Colin Clark's position on the field, he threw out the names of three players, along with adding a bit of a footnote on our favorite Argentinian;
"It opens up the opportunity for other players to get more time, possibly in Wells, Jamie and Claudio, who himself is extremely frustrated. I fully understand [López's] position. He wants more time and more football."

Claudio has seen very little time on the pitch this season, nursing an injury for part of it and seeing only spots of time in relief late in games as an offensive spark in the games that he's been healthy for, only 129 minutes total in seven appearances out of the 19 games that the Rapids have played.

The closest thing to a Designated player on the Rapids roster - he actually was a DP salary wise for a good chunk of time in his pre-Rapids MLS career - Claudio has certainly proved throughout his very impressive career that he is worth at least 30-45 minutes per game if not a spot start at either striker or left-midfielder.

With the fanbase crying for him to see more playing time, our coach seems to have come around to that idea as well. At least, the crying fans can hope so!