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Citizenship strikes again

Back in June we all remember the failure that happened when Mehdi Ballouchy's lack of United States citizenship kept him from traveling to Canada for a league game against Toronto FC because of the mess of paperwork it would have created. (Unsurprisingly, the Rapids wound up having no offense in Mehdi's absence and lost 1-0.) Well, the paperwork and lines of red tape of becoming a citizen of the USA have struck again, this time to our friend Omar Cummings.

Citizenship is a bitch, to be sure.

Tuesday and Wednesday mark the first days of big international friendlies since the end of the world cup, including a showdown between the USA and Brazil. The game Omar Cummings was focused on was his homeland of Jamaica taking on Trinidad & Tobago, which he was called up for duty for. Unfortunately with his green card paperwork in the process of being approved, he's not allowed to leave the country. Maybe good for the Rapids, but sad for the guy.

I'm waiting for Conor Casey to reveal he's actually from Istanbul or something and will be deported so he can't score any more goals for us, the way this season has been going for our players.

No, I have no idea why I picked Istanbul as my country of choice. Probably because I can't spell Czechoslovakia without using the spell check feature on my firefox.