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Bravo Hints at a New Player?

Pretty much since the day of the Anthony Wallace trade from FC Dallas, I've been fairly steadfast in my assumption that the Rapids are probably not going to be picking up anybody new before the Roster Freeze hits in just under a month. The international transfer window has already closed, leaving any chance of the Rapids snagging a designated player from outside the country - your Juan Pablo Angels and David Beckhams of the world, for instance - null and void.

Rapids Technical Director Paul Bravo has recently hinted that my assumption that we won't be seeing any new faces not named Davy Armstrong any time soon may be incorrect, though. In his own words, when asked about new players; "But we continue our search." To be fair, this was said after he stated that he was comfortable with the group of players that the Rapids already had on the pitch on any given day, but him leaving the option open is a lot better than we can say for Jeff Plush's negative speech about designated players.

With the team sorely lacking in goals and their leading goal scorer Conor Casey barely looking at a chance to match half of his goal-scoring total from last year at the rate he is going, the Rapids are in dire need of grabbing an offensive player or two. Good to see Paul Bravo sees that. And unlike Jeff Plush, he knows that there is occasionally a need for a bit of risk-reward playing even if it threatens the bank a little bit;

"There is risk and at times you have to take risks; how long does that player take to adapt and really make an impact in the team. We have to take those things into account."