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A bore draw, 1-1.

Yes, the Rapids just struggled to draw with the second worst team in the league. Joy!

This one was pretty bad all around, the Rapids may have been lucky to even get the result they wound up with. As long as they keep getting points it's all right, but not every team is going to be as weak as the Union from now on, for sure.

The game started off slowly, with neither team getting very good chances in the first half. Matt Pickens was forced to make a couple of athletic saves but he didn't face much of anything dangerous from the Union's offense. The Rapids only managed four shots in the first half, none of which were actually on target. Both keepers could probably have taken a nap and not missed much of anything.

In the second half, a scrum in the box led to Jeff Larentowicz getting an obstructed shot on goal, which he shot through the wall of players in the box like a bullet for his second goal of the season. It was a great game all around for Jeff, who was playing a homecoming of sorts, as he is from Philadelphia. Danny Mwenga equalized as Julian Baudet missed an easy tackle on a cross from Sabastien La Toux late in the half. After that there was pretty much nothing on either side.

Player of the Game: Jeff Larentowicz. Fantastic game all around. Good challenges and a great shot.

Goat of the Game: Julian Baudet. Ugh. That's two games in the last three that he's singlehandedly given the other team a goal. At least he didn't put it in his own net this time!