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Short Scouting Report: Seattle Sounders

To say that this season has been a disappointment to the fans of the Seattle Sounders would be an understatement of unknowable size (we're talking godzilla size here, man). After making the semi-finals of the MLS Cup Finals and having a very respectable 12-7-11 record in their inaugural season, they've had a fairly blah sophomore year.

While still in the playoff hunt, the Sounders are stuck in 6th place of the Western conference with a 5-8-4 record and 19 points, with two more games played than the two teams above them, Colorado and San Jose. Their next two games are incredibly important, being against those two teams. If Seattle loses both their playoff chances will take a tremendous blow. An unfortunate bout of injury has struck Seattle this season; check out this injury report for Sundays game.

Despite their struggles this season, they do have a fantastic squad with big pieces like goalkeeper Kasey Keller and striker Fredy Montero. If they can add a couple more pieces, stop the injury bug from biting and get a bit more luck on their side, the Sounders could be looking at their first MLS Cup sooner rather than later.

The Sounders do have a trip to the semi-finals of the US Open Cup coming up, giving them a shot to defend their title from last year. That's right, Seattle in their first year wound up with more trophies than the Rapids have ever won. Makes ya feel good, eh?