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Short Scouting Report: FC Dallas

FC Dallas is a good example of the old adage "A team need not be fantastic, but only need to get a run going at the right time." In this case, the second half of the season would be that time for FC Dallas. In fact, you could make the argument that the Texans have had the exact opposite season as the Rapids have had.

In their first 10 games, Dallas only managed two wins, including going six straight without a win to start the season. Since that bad stretch in their first ten, FC Dallas has put together a six game unbeaten run. Combine that great stretch with their affinity for getting draws this season and they've put together a surprising 6-2-8 record which is good for third place in the West.

Dallas' secret has been having a great all around team, as opposed to a superstar with supporting cast. They don't have a Juan Pablo Angel-esque superstar to score for them every game, but they certainly don't have the only-a-couple-scorers syndrome that the Rapids have come down with. Dallas has three players with four goals, and a player with three as well. A smattering of their players have put themselves on the scoreboard in the assist column as well, leaving a great overall team with dangerous players everywhere. Can't leave any players open on Dallas' offense or you'll pay.

The Rapids face Dallas at The Dick on Saturday.