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Man U wins 5-1 over the MLS "All Stars"

I put "All Stars" in quote marks because I really think that wasn't the best team of players that could have been put on the field. Bruce Arena decided to stick with what he knew, which was a random smattering of Galaxy players including the one guy I thought shouldn't have been an all star at all, goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts. The same Donovan Ricketts who let in a goal 30 seconds into the game.

No, that wasn't a typo. 30 seconds in the MLS All Stars were already down. It only got worse from there, as Manchester dominated the weak "All Star" group all night long. When Brian Ching scores your only goal and you're supposed to be a showing of the best of the best, something it wrong. Either way, it's only an exhibition match and doesn't decided home field for the finals or anything - hello MLB! - so it's really water under the bridge.

Predictably, America's large smattering of Manchester United bandwagoners has been using this game as fuel for their "MLS is a garbage league" arguments. When confronted by the fact that they lost to a 10 man Kansas City team in a game where the refs were practically wearing red, they were unable to be reached for comment.