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KC 1 Colorado 1; Settling for one point AGAIN.

The Rapids offense is reminding me of a quote from my favorite sitcom, the Drew Carey Show; "Is pathetisad a word?"

For the first 74 minutes of this game, the Rapids didn't deserve to win it. The offense could only get 3 shots anywhere near goal - none actually ON goal - in the first half of the game, and it took them another 15 minutes of second half play to get their fourth. If it weren't for Matt Pickens stopping the barrage of shots that KC were launching at the goal this game would have been a Wizards-oriented blowout. Fortunately he and the defensive back held their ground as well as they have all year.

KC scored on a blown offside trap by the Rapids defense where Davy Armaud just blew by everybody the second the ball was touched and scored an easy breakaway goal over a sprawling Pickens. After that the defense got more stout and only allowed a couple more easy shots, all of which Pickens was level to.

Similar to last week against Toronto, Claudio Lopez replaced Colin Clark - who had been playing borderline horribly in his first start in a while - and started to get the offense back on track all on his own... again just like last week. The Rapids finally did something when Casey got the ball in the box and had a great individual effort on his part to put the ball into the back of the net for his seventh goal of the season. After that it was really all Rapids as they started to keep the ball for long stretches in the final third and get a good number of chances.

Conor Casey unfortunately kept up his old "I'm only allowed to have one good play per game" style of play as he borked a pathetically easy chance after he had beaten both the keeper and every defender on the field, hitting it left-footed into the post. Just another game where blown finishing would up killing the Rapids in the end. It really, really sucks when your team has every chance to steal a game in the final minutes and cannot only because of horrible execution. Make that move for more offense soon, Gary!

Man of the match: Matt Pickens. Several marquee saves, he was the only reason that the Rapids had a chance to make it a draw late in the game after stopping a flurry of great shots all game long.

Goat of the match: Colin Clark. Bad execution all around and no accuracy on his passes, he couldn't make anything happen in the all important left wing spot in Gary Smith's 4-5-1 formation. Until Claudio Lopez took his spot there was literally nothing going on on the offense.