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Jeff Larentowicz is an All-Star!

Well color me surprised. I wasn't expecting any Rapids to make the team at all, but Jeff Larentowicz was announced just minutes ago as a back-up midfielder and I actually did a double-take when he showed up on the screen.

Jeff has quietly had a very productive and solid year as a defensive midfielder for Colorado, nabbing a goal on 18 shots so far this season as well as playing even more minutes than players like Conor Casey and the captain Pablo Mastroeni. He is certainly part of that fantastic Rapids defense this season, and goes through just about every game without having random mental errors like the rest of the defense seems to be occasionally prone to. (More on that tomorrow)

My favorite choice to be a back-up on the team was keeper Matt Pickens, who is also quietly putting together quite a year between the pipes for the Rapids. He unfortunately was by-passed as Real Salt Lake tender Nick Rimando made the team instead.

Congratulations to Jeff, knock Man U dead for us!