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It's time for Rapids Mad Libs! (also Seattle Wins 2-1)

Today, the Colorado Rapids took on TEAM at STADIUM. The Rapids started out slowly, only getting NUMBER LOWER THAN FIVE shots on goal throughout the first half. TEAM on the other hand came out incredibly strong, scoring the first goal a mere MINUTE into the game.

The Rapids equalized when RAPIDS PLAYER scored a goal that made the otehr team just look silly, but couldn't get on the board after that, as the offense remained stagnant from that point on. In the MINUTE AFTER 60th/nd/rd minute, RAPIDS BENCH PLAYER subbed on, giving the Rapids a sudden offensive spark that was unseen in the first half. The Rapids got shot after shot, culminating in the worst miss of RAPIDS PLAYER's career, as he had the entire defense beat and METHOD OF MISSING THE NET rather than burying it. Despite the SYNONYM FOR "A LOT" of shots at the goal in the end, the Rapids couldn't finish any of them and wound up on the wrong end of the result once again.

Sound familiar? Yeah. I might just use this for every game recap from now on!

Oh yeah, and Seattle won 2-1 on a pair of goals from their star Zakuani. Omar Cummings managed probably the best Rapids shot this season on his goal... and Casey got severely slammed in the face at the end, his head was bleeding everywhere. Not good on pretty much all accounts, this one.

One final note - what happened to using the 4-4-2? All we heard all week was people talking about the switch to the 4-4-2 and how much offense it was going to nab the Rapids and they came out in that same old offense-less 4-5-1 after all. The hell happened there?

Man of the Match: Omar Cummings. Had a beautiful goal and a couple of other great chances, he was the only player showing much of anything today.

Goat of the Match: Matt Pickens. I love the guy, but the first goal was his bad as he dove by one that smacked the post and hit him in the back, ricocheting in. He didn't look very strong in net on the second goal either.