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It's DP madness out there so get us in on it, Smith!

So it's starting to seem like Colorado is the only team that doesn't have any Designated Players on their team after all the DP signings recently. While that's not completely true - Real Salt Lake for instance don't have any - over half of the teams in the league have one and it's becoming the new, hip thing to do. (Do people still say 'hip'?)

So far there have been seven DP's signed by various teams in the league this season, several of them huge names;
* Landon Donovan - LA Galaxy
* Nkufo, BlaiseBlaise Nkufo - Seattle Sounders
* Branko Bošković - DC United
* Mista - Toronto FC

And the three most recent signings from the last couple days;
* Thierry Henry - New York Red Bulls
* Omar Bravo - Kansas City Wizards
* Nery Castillo - Chicago Fire

As I said before, some of those are big names. Henry is the most prolific scorer in French national team history, Bravo is one of the best players in Mexico, etc. So why haven't the Rapids gotten in on the out-of-states action here? After watching the last couple of games I think it's obvious that if the Rapids want to avoid a summer swoon and miss the playoffs again after putting all that work in at the start of the year, they're going to need to grab somebody to boost the offense. Juan Pablo Angel has shown what bringing in a big name can do to a club, he's pretty much become the centerpiece of the Red Bulls great offense.

I'll go so far as to say that unless the Rapids can pick up another 6-10 goal player they will miss the playoffs. Conor Casey showed yet again in the KC game that he has a great finish, but frustratingly can't seem to utilize it more than once every so often. Omar Cummings is decent but will never be leading an offense to the playoffs. Claudio Lopez is getting older and can't play a full game anymore. Colin Clark seemed to be mentally stuck in that game and played horribly. The Rapids need some fire, and the only way that's happening in my opinion is with a big name DP joining the burgundy and blue very, very soon.

I don't care if you get Danny Butterfield from Crystal Palace, just get somebody!