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It's All Star time!

Today's the day! We get to watch the best of the best in the MLS - according to fan voting and Bruce Arena, anyway - take on Manchester United. Man U just finished an around the USA tour of sorts, taking on a handful of MLS squads, defeating all excepting Kansas City.

The whole "MLS vs. Good Teams From Around The World" idea has been around several years, with the MLS all stars surprisingly winning most of the match-ups, against big clubs like Celtic FC and Chelsea. The only one they've dropped was against Everton last year, a game lost in penalty kicks of all things.

For a more home-oriented rooting interest you can tune in to see Rapids defensive midfielder Jeff Larentowicz be his usual awesome self, assuming he gets any playing time. Either way, should be an entertaining match-up. Go MLS!

You can see the game at 6:30 MT on ESPN2.