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Henry is a Red Bull, who will be a Rapid?

The transfer window for MLS opened today, the only news so far being big name Thierry Henry coming to the Red Bulls. With the former Arsenal and Barcelona striker in the MLS, it leaves a ton of possibilities open for the rest of the league as to collecting players from overseas. Henry may be at the tail end of his career but he is sure to provide a spark to the men in red in New York even if he plays only a little better than he did for the French national team this last world cup. He does have the most goals scored in French history, after all!

The Rapids quite obviously are lacking goal-scoring. Coach Gary Smith has said that he's looking for some more 'umph' to the offense and that he is more than willing to pick up a new member of the team to do so. And it's hard to see why he wants more creativity on the offense, the Rapids have only scored 16 goals on the season in their 14 games, three of them coming off the PK.

The Rapids have had a stifling defense so far this year, giving up only 13 goals in 14 games, or 0.93 goals a game this season with the help of a strong back line and some inspired work by their keeper Matt Pickens. Considering how up and down the offense has been, that's a very, very good thing. So one can assume that if a move is made for the Rapids it won't be on the defense. Cummings and Casey make for a very good front line - when they're both forward, anyway - despite a bit of a lack of finishing touch. If a move is made it will most likely come in the midfield.

So who is available world-wide that the Rapids could use in the midfield? They already have decent creativity and depth there with Mehdi Ballouchy, Claudio Lopez et al. If they're going to find a man to climb the ladder and be an instant starter and instant contributor he'll have to be something special.

But as I asked - who will it be?