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Giggs to Colorado? Now there's an idea!

So apparently Ryan Giggs might be moving to the States to play a little MLS action before he retires from the game for good. (Thanks by the way to Brotherly Game, which is where I found the article.)

Yeah, I know, it's The Sun. Still, Giggs in America is a fun thing to think about. Despite his age he still has the talent to be a good player, especially around these parts.

Personally I would be more than all right if he chose to be a Rapid at the end of his career. And why not? The Rapids don't have any DP's at the moment so even if they get one during the transfer window this season they'll still have an open spot next year for him to rest in. Plus like I said a few days ago, the Rapids could always use the scoring help in their midfield.

Is he old? Yes. But hey, Henry is only 4 years his junior. Beckham is old as well, it didn't stop either of them from coming into the league to play a little ball at the tail end of their careers. As much as I hate the idea of MLS turning into the senior circuit of the EPL, the more older world-wide players show up into the league the more chances that younger guys will follow them there... at least in theory. Either way, Giggs as a Rapid sounds good to me.

Only real problem I can see is the money issue, he might be quite expensive for a player as old as he'll be. Maybe we can lure him with a free Copper Mountain ski pass and a fruit basket?