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Colorado Faces RED HOT Dallas

I really hate the phrase "must-win games" because it makes the games seem even worse when you inevitably lose them, but this game against FC Dallas and the following game against the San Jose Earthquakes are inching dangerously close to must win territory. Colorado is currently tied with San Jose for 4th in the west, San Jose having a game in hand. FC Dallas has been surging with win after win recently, sitting with sole possession of 3rd place. If the Rapids want to make the playoffs, they're going to have to beat those guys tied with and in front of them; especially considering the fact that the two teams at the top of the table - LA and Real Salt Lake - don't look like they'll be dropping any time soon.

Conor Casey will probably play, his horrible looking head injury (did they really have to list it as a SCALP LACERATION? Eeew.) apparently is healing quite nicely. Good thing too, the Rapids offense needs as much help as it can get these days.

Dallas traded Colorado a former first round pick in Left-back Anthony Wallace yesterday, which should make for even more fun intrigue on the game. It starts at 2 PM Mountain Time, a time in which I will have to be at a wedding. My game recap will probably be shorter than usual as well as later than usual as a result.