US Men's National Team

Rapids Will Help Lead The USA Into 2018


Don't look back. Look forward to a future with Rapids in the USMNT squad.

USA vs. Belgium: Go Big Or Go Home


It's do or die time. Anything can happen in the knockout rounds, but can the US Men's National Team upset the darling Dark Horse of the 2014 World Cup?

USA Are Win & In... We'll Take Draw & In Though


The United States control their own destiny when it comes to getting through to the round of sixteen, but can they do it against the toughest team in their group?

Are We Ghana Win?

The USMNT have mixed expectations for this World Cup. It's a group that has been hyped as harder than it probably actually is, a roster with some seemingly head-scratching decisions, and a re-match...

5 Ways To Enjoy The World Cup-Some Involve Soccer


While the 2014 FIFA World Cup offers the world an opportunity to see some top-flight soccer for four weeks, it also provides an opportunity to ponder the world's plight even after the champion is...

Landon Donovan Redux

Landon Donovan scored two against the Union. Is Jurgen making the right decision?

Not On The Flight to Brazil? We Thank You Still

The seven who will be cut from Klinsmann's Krew still helped the USMNT build something and contributed to its legacy--and theirs.

US Soccer's Fundamental Mental Flaw


The day that the US Men's National Team cares more about talent than intangibles is the day that we become a true World Cup contender.

Three Rapids Youngsters Make USMNT Youth Camp


Three Rapids youngsters have been called into the USMNT's U-21 camp. All three are U-20 veterans for the USMNT.

Tom Sermanni Fired Despite Win At DSGP


Another USWNT coach gone after a game at DSGP! This time, it wasn't planned... at least, not for the coach.

USWNT Win 2-0 Over China


The United States Women's National Team were victorious at Dick's Sporting Goods Park over PR China by a scoreline of 2-0. Lauren Holiday and Megan Rapinoe tallied in each half respectively as...

O'Neill, Klute Sent Home From USMNT


Neither Chris Klute nor Shane O'Neill will be with the US Men's National Team when they play South Korea on February 1st.

Klute, O'Neill Brought Into USMNT Camp


Two of the RapKids are getting their first (hopefully of many) taste of USMNT action from Jurgen Klinsmann.

Balboa Makes USMNT Best XI


Former Rapids defender Marcelo Balboa was named to the USMNT's All-Time Best XI.

USMNT All-Time Best XI List Has Rapids Candidates


Marcelo Balboa and Pablo Mastroeni both made the cut on US Soccer's list of Best XI candidates, as well as former Rapids manager Fernando Clavijo.

Simulate The Hell Outta That World Cup Draw


The USA might be in a tight spot come Friday, but that's nothing that a little wishful thinking and several hundred simulations can't make us delusional about.

Gaby Torres Couldn't Save Panama


Despite scoring a goal, Gabriel Torres couldn't stop the USA from taking down Panama on Tuesday night.

The Daily Wave: Klute's US Colors May Have To Wait

Jurgen Klinsmann seems set on Demarcus Beasley as his starting left back for the time being, so the dreams of seeing Chris Klute in red, white and blue may have to wait until after Brazil.

USMNT vs. Costa Rica: They Still Butthurt


Costa Rica? They mad. They still so mad.

Utah Ruins Everything: USMNT Edition


The American Outlaws have instituted the dumbest policy in the history of American soccer fandom. Why? Because of Utah, of course.

The Daily Wave: A Quick USMNT Poll

It's late, I'm tired, have a poll!

USA vs. Cuba - Thoughts From Sandy


So that Wondo(w)lowski kid might be good as he scores two more to lead the USMNT to a 4-1 win over Cuba.

O'Neill Scores, But USMNT U-20's Lose To Ghana


Ghana took a 2-1 win from the USMNT after lackluster midfield play, though Shane O'Neill had a very good performance in the loss.

Don't Cheer For Me... Argentina?


There's no need to cheer for Mexico if you're a United States Men's National Team fan. Here is a long article about why not.

O'Neill Scores For Baby Yanks In Win


The Baby Yanks won their tune-up for the U-20 World Cup on Friday, taking down Portugal with the help of a goal from Rapids youngster Shane O'Neill.

Poll - Which USMNT Player Gets Injured Tuesday?


Let's face it, someone's gonna get injured on the Seattle Slip N' Slide. Who will it be, though?

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