Chalk Talk

Why Buddle Should Keep Starting

Edson Buddle might be overpaid a bit, but it's hard to argue with the level of quiet contribution he's made since he joined the Rapids.

A New Role for Martin Rivero? Kinda.

Going into the tactical implications of Oscar Pareja's comments regarding the tactical shift with Martin Rivero.

The Pass-ion Of The Rivero

Martin Rivero returned to the starting 11 on Saturday night against the Columbus Crew. What was the Rivero-Effect?


Colorado takes on Real Salt Lake in the 2nd Leg of the Rocky Mountain Cup. You better believe we've got some words on that.

Chalk Talk: Colorado Rapids Fall to Turtle Ball.

Philadephia came to town to grind out a result, and Colorado obliged them. How did that happen and what was the X-Factor that tipped the match in Philly's favor?

Chalk Talk: Rapids Improve Defense at Dallas

Despite the howler, the Rapids had a decent game defensively. Chalk Talk takes a look at three different points to see where the 2013 Rapids stack up thus far.

Martin Rivero Injured: Who Steps Up?

Martin Rivero is injured for the next 2-3 Months, who will the Rapids tap to take up the attacking reins for the Argentine wunderkind?

The 4-3-3, In 2012 And Going Forward

The Rapids wanted to run a 4-3-3 in 2012, but it didn't quite work out that way. Let's see how the jumble of formations looked in the end, and what the team needs to do to improve and go forward with the 4-3-3 in 2013.

Not New News: Martin Rivero Gets No Respect

Martin Rivero is quite possibly the most valuable playmaker in MLS today. Here's why, and here's why no one talks about it.

Against The Averages: "Weighting" The SJE Match

We mentioned in the last article that the San Jose game was only remarkable for the fact that 4 goals were allowed, now we check in with the numbers on the season average to see how the game stacks up.


Questions For The Rapids: Don't Break The Line

Analyzing a "defensive breakdown" on the fourth goal against the Colorado Rapids by the San Jose Earthquakes: how it happened, what rules were at play, and how to improve.

Yet Another Hendry Thomas Passing Numbers Update

Because we seriously can't let a game go by without reminding you how steady Hendry Thomas' passing numbers are.

Hendry Thomas' Mind Boggling Passing Numbers Continue

Colorado Rapids midfielder Hendry Thomas had some amazing passing numbers against the LA Galaxy.

Monday Hangover: Earthquakes vs. Rapids

An analysis of the issues of the Colorado Rapids exposed by the San Jose Earthquakes during the last game.

Rapids and The Bare Numbers: Opponents Doing Less, Getting More

The Rapids are judged for the year based on the raw numbers thus far. Can we get to the playoffs? Burgundy Wave's analysis says: no.

Breaking down the goal: Smith on the Ball, Castrillon off the Ball = Magic

Analysis of the first goal from the Colorado Rapids SC against Swansea City FC. What happened, who was involved, and why we don't see it happen very often.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Changing the game to get a goal in Seattle v Colorado

And Now for Something Completely Different: Changing the Game to get a Goal in Seattle v Colorado

Jaime Castrillon: The Invisible Man

People have called Jaime Castrillon 'invisible' this year. Turns out that makes him all the more dangerous for the Rapids.

This is the Worst Season Ever (2012 Edition)!

It's the worst season ever for the Rapids! Or not, let's take a look at some other coaches first seasons with their teams...

Depth, Depth, and yet more DEPTH

Another article about depth and why it's so important. Abounds with positives.

New American Character (USMNT): The Good, the Bad, and Canada

Recap of the USMNT's first three friendlies prior to WCQ games.

Chalk Talk: These injuries are KILLING us... or are they?

How are injuries affecting the Colorado Rapids right now? Less than you might think in some areas.

Chalk Talk: A Goal Scorer by any Other Name...

Some number crunching about the Colorado Rapids and their many, many goal scorers this season.

Chalk Talk - Colorado and DC United Preview

Look, it's Martin Rivero eating a giant invisible cheeseburger.Anyway, there wasn't a game this weekend for the Colorado Rapids, but there was one for our competition at midweek, D.C. United.Here's...

Chalk Talk - Cummings Back To The Sexy Football

Omar Cummings came back into his own against Chivas USA after being moved to a wider role on the field.

Chalk Talk - Hill's Start Goes Well

Kamani Hill had a good start at attacking midfielder for the Colorado Rapids on Saturday.

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