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A daily feature, featuring a Burgundy Wave writer's thoughts.

Who is the next (temporary) Captain for the Rapids


Terrible news out of Commerce City today as it was reported that Drew Moor will miss the remainder of the 2014 season with a torn ACL.

Let's look on the bright side with the Rapids

The Rapids have been so bad lately that they are reaching for any moral victory. I'm here to give them that.

From the Deep End to the Kiddie Pool

Remember when the Rapids built up their defensive depth at the beginning of the season by signing five new defenders by summer? After a dreadful run of results, reminiscent of the 2012 season, most...

The Rapids are in the valley! What's next?

When things start clicking, you have momentum. Nothing's clicking for our Boys in Burgundy. They are in the valley. Pablo's leadership will be on display in this deep valley he and his squad find...

Best offense = good defense?

Some musings on the Rapids' recent form and what's gone wrong.

What will the Rapids roster look like in 2015?

Regardless of how 2014 ends for our Burgundy Boys, there are some roster decisions looming.

What's going on out here?

The Rapids are mired in a slump. But not the they'll get out of it and rebound kind. The people are losing jobs kind of slump that must be written about. That and more on today's Daily Wave.

MLS 3.0: Spend Or Be Spent?


As clubs in MLS continue to increase spending, what does that mean for "smaller market" clubs like the Rapids in the fabled MLS 3.0?

Behind the scenes with Dillon Ross


As we kick off the first of what we hope are a long line of interviews of those working behind the scenes for the Colorado Rapids organization, we take time to interview known and loved by many...

Summer swooning


Will the Rapids make the playoffs? Pablo Mastroeni's team are at a low point, with a world-famous summer swoon in full effect.

Can the Rapids make the playoffs?


Can the Burgundy Boys make the playoffs with the poor run of form they are on?

Finding that certain something

Twenty-two shots, six on target, zero goals. That's all you really need to know from the Rapids' Rocky Mountain Cup defeat this past weekend. It shows this team shouldn't be done in this summer's...

Better getting to know those behind the scenes

If the MLS is to truly succeed in the States, then those who work for and represent the team matter. The BW would like to help you get to know them better.

Yin & Yang

There's a bit of good and a bit of bad in the Rapids this season, and they seem to be unable to keep either of them consistent.

Mexico & Bolivia to make more DSGP history


When Mexico and Bolivia visit Denver in September to play a friendly at Dick's Sporting Goods Park it will be another importnant moment for our town.

The Daily Wave: "Terraced" Dynamics


Rapids supporters group Centennial 38 made a bold move from the terraces to Section 117 last week. If the move becoes permanent, what should be done with the old Terrace section? Voice your opinion...

Pablo Mastroeni is a Colorado legend


With the culmination of Pablo Mastroeni's playing career this weekend with his induction into the Colorado Rapids Gallery of Honor. The legend impacts his team with his work ethic, tenacity and...

Moving "On to the next one"


Tough losses like the one to Portland last Friday are difficult to swallow, but the Rapids have much more to be positive about than negative.

Congratulations, Coach! Welcome to the gallery


Congratulations to Coach Pablo Mastroeni for his upcoming induction in the Gallery of Honor on Friday, July 25 during the game against Chivas USA.

Is goal scoring skill... or luck?


The trick then is getting players to take more quality shots and in positions that are more likely to go in

Pablo's Strength Helped Without Him Knowing It


In November 2012, my Partner and my Daughter were struck by a car in a crosswalk. Both suffered concussions and our lives have not been the same since. But Pablo Mastroeni helped us...and he does...

Are The Rapids Underrated?


Maybe the Colorado Rapids don't need anything in the transfer window. Maybe they just need what they have to perform to expectations.

Three Thoughts After Gutsy Draw


Colorado Rapids' 3-3 draw with Philadelphia Union Saturday showed much about where the Rapids are and where they need to go in the coming weeks. Here are my three, Week 18 thoughts.

The World Cup Is Done--Give Me Some MLS


The World Cup is finished. What shall we do? As for me, give me some MLS! Time for us to support our home league and see what a great product is on the field. We don't have to wait for four weeks...

Mid-Season Grades


Half way home. Can Rapids land a coveted home play off match? Seventeen matches to go.

Don't Buy All-Star Game Hype.


The MLS All-Star game is next too televised softball in entertainment and general fan interest. Do away with this and bring something more exciting to capitalize off the "World Cup Bump".

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