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Pablo Mastroeni is a Colorado legend


With the culmination of Pablo Mastroeni's playing career this weekend with his induction into the Colorado Rapids Gallery of Honor. The legend impacts his team with his work ethic, tenacity and...

Moving "On to the next one"

Tough losses like the one to Portland last Friday are difficult to swallow, but the Rapids have much more to be positive about than negative.

Congratulations, Coach! Welcome to the gallery

Congratulations to Coach Pablo Mastroeni for his upcoming induction in the Gallery of Honor on Friday, July 25 during the game against Chivas USA.

Is goal scoring skill... or luck?

The trick then is getting players to take more quality shots and in positions that are more likely to go in

Pablo's Strength Helped Without Him Knowing It

In November 2012, my Partner and my Daughter were struck by a car in a crosswalk. Both suffered concussions and our lives have not been the same since. But Pablo Mastroeni helped us...and he does...

Are The Rapids Underrated?

Maybe the Colorado Rapids don't need anything in the transfer window. Maybe they just need what they have to perform to expectations.

Three Thoughts After Gutsy Draw

Colorado Rapids' 3-3 draw with Philadelphia Union Saturday showed much about where the Rapids are and where they need to go in the coming weeks. Here are my three, Week 18 thoughts.

The World Cup Is Done--Give Me Some MLS


The World Cup is finished. What shall we do? As for me, give me some MLS! Time for us to support our home league and see what a great product is on the field. We don't have to wait for four weeks...

Mid-Season Grades


Half way home. Can Rapids land a coveted home play off match? Seventeen matches to go.

Don't Buy All-Star Game Hype.


The MLS All-Star game is next too televised softball in entertainment and general fan interest. Do away with this and bring something more exciting to capitalize off the "World Cup Bump".

Consistently Inconsistent


For the umpteenth time this season, the Rapids came into Friday's match with Columbus on a high but a lack of consistency saw them draw at home in front of a sellout crowd.

A Fine Line Between Ingenuity & Insanity


Oscar Levant once said, ""There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line." Louis van Gaal and Dillon Powers may have as well. Decisions made during the course of their...

Maybe You're Part Of The Problem


Since I never met a journalist who didn’t want to get their two cents in on a popular storyline I guess I can’t fault the journalistic masses for expounding their views of the World Cup.  It goes...

Rapids July Preview


What lies ahead for the Colorado Rapids? A look at the month ahead for the Rapids and the story lines to watch.

Soccer Is Un-American And Other Nonsense!


It's the World Cup. Games dominate the ESPN and (somewhat) ABC airwaves. And for some, that's just outrageous--and thus it brings out the soccer haters. Here's what one soccer fan has to say about...

Rapids Season Part Deux


With 19 matches left can the Rapids at least secure 8 wins and 4 ties? Maybe more?

Extra Games At DSGP Are Fun!


Watching more soccer featuring your favorite team is fun. Watching in a playoff atmosphere, more fun. Why It is important that every team compete in every competition inwhich they enter.

Should C38 Consider Moving?


The US Open Cup match last Tuesday against Orlando City saw the Rapids supporter group, Centennial 38, move from their regular terrace to the heart of the usual crowd. After receiving favorable...

2-2 USMNT Draw with Portugal: Depressed Or Desired


Going into the game, a draw would send US fans into a frenzy. At the end of the match, a draw send those same fans into a funk. A little perspective, if possible!

A Look At The US Open Cup


An unusual history and while possibly obscure for the casual fan, the US Open Cup is oldest soccer tournament in the US. Rapids play their second match next week. Get to Dick's and see the action!

Three Thoughts Not Entirely On The World Cup


It was a slow week in terms of domestic soccer, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about. Here's three, Rapids-themed thoughts in the middle of World Cup action.

March Madness? Give Me World Cup Madness Any Day


We in the States love March Madness! We in the States need to keep up on World Cup Madness!

Can The Rapids Keep A Playoff Pace?


The Rapids go into the World Cup break in third place in the Western Conference. Not bad considering their topsy turvy season thus far. Do they have the gas to keep up their position into the...

World Cup Memories


The history of the World Cup can be counted a number of ways. Technological, macro or micro economical, or personal experiences. Your team winning or losing is the least important part of the...

Mastroeni, Moor Offer Candid Insights


The Denver Post's "Soccer Night" in downtown Denver provided fans with the opportunity to ask Pablo Mastroeni and Drew Moor their questions about the Rapids and the US Men's National Team.

The Future Of MLS


The NASL's downfall was caused by huge salaries and rapid expansion. MLS is following a similar path right now, is their business plan better?

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