Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas - Player Ratings

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Something wicked happened to the Rapids on Saturday in Frisco as their defense inexplicably let the Burgundy Boys down.

Colorado Rapids made the trek down to Frisco, Texas this past weekend to take on a slumping FC Dallas team who had not won since April.  That recipe should mean for a good chance for the Rapids to pick up some points heading into the three week World Cup break.  However, the Rapids were let down by their defense en route to a 3-2 loss to the Hoops.

Here is how I saw the match:

G Clint Irwin 5

A rough game for the Rapids keeper as he should have done better on the goals and needs to take command of the defense more forcibly.

D Chris Klute 6

No one on the Rapids had a particularly good game after blowing a lead and then getting shredded for the game winner.  For some reason all four lads on the back line struggled.

D Drew Moor 5.5

As the leader of the defense, Moor needs to prevent breakdowns from happening.  Was it too many games in a short period of time?  Unknown, but Moor had an off night.  He did pick up an assist for the match.

D Shane O'Neill 5.5

O'Neill simply looked bad on the night and struggled picking up the FC Dallas offense.  Again, as with Moor, was it a case of too many game this week and he was fatigued?

D Marvell Wynne 6

Wynne needed to provide better cover on some of the FC Dallas runs and just could not get it done on the evening.

M Dillon Serna 6

Serna had a quiet evening but did do well in helping keep the ball.  Was unable to turn that possession into a shot on goal.

M Jose Mari 7

Mari picked up his third goal (but without the Ole! celebration).  Looked good on the night, but needed to get back and help the struggling back line more.

M Nick LaBrocca 6

LaBrocca did well to help the Rapids control the midfield with 60% of the possession favoring the Burgundy Boys, but seemed to struggle getting back to help on defense when it was needed.

M Kamani Hill 6

Hill had a shorter shift on the evening and was subbed early in the second half.  He looks comfortable out there, and the runs were solid, just was not able to get a rhythm going.

F Dillon Powers 7.5

Powers notched another assist as a forward and continues to show that the ROY was not a fluke.

F Deshorn Brown 8

Another goal for Brown, and it is safe to say the duck is firmly off his back and floating down stream.  The kid, when he is on, is electric.


M Marlon Hairston 5.5

I am a fan of Hairston, but not sure he is the guy you put on the pitch for Hill.  Hairston did nothing exciting in his 35 minutes of work.

F Charles Eloundou N/A

Late game cameo for Eloudou.  Why was he not brought in earlier as the Rapids were looking for an equalizer?

F Gabriel Torres N/A

Torres is back in the squad and picked up a minute of play.

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