Dear OP: An open letter from a very confused supporter

Dear OP,

The news of your alleged departure comes a day late here at my house. You see I’m a Tottenham supporter, which gives me good reason to avoid social media or any outlet for that matter where I may be subjected to further abuse concerning yesterday’s FA cup result from North London.

Now that I’m up to speed, let me begin by saying that I’m not sure how to even begin to express my abject disappointment and confusion concerning this latest bit of news. I was never one of those "bring back Smith!" types, even when he had the slightest inkling of success in league 68 play or wherever the fuck he managed the year after he left. I enjoyed the brand of football you were attempting to employ here, and I can say with a clear conscience that I supported you and Paul Bravo’s vision even as the two of you embarked on one of the most comprehensive and ambitious rebuilding projects our club had ever seen.

It’s all smiles and back pats right now, but looking back it took 2 years, the departure of 3 club legends (Casey, Mastroeni, and Larentowicz), and a complete rebirth of the club’s on field ideology for your vision to find a foothold here in Colorado. We had more of our share of bad results in that time, and I can’t tell you how many times I witnessed supporters cussing you up one side and down the other as you left the pitch after countless impotent performances. Honestly, the way you handed the scrutiny and the negative vibes as we transformed was inspiring to watch, and as one of those that believed in what you were trying to do here I always gave you the benefit of the doubt regardless of the kind of shit circus I saw playing out on the field.

Now here we are, a couple of weeks removed from a remarkable season, with you polishing a Manager of The Year award and Rapids supporters everywhere basking in the glow of one of the club’s best point totals to date.. and you’re like "fuck it".

It’s your team! These are your players, hand-picked over a handful of mainstays and fan favorites.... and you're leaving. We went from Western Conference laughing stock to a handful of bad bounces away from the Shield... and you're leaving. You have a national team prospect defender, a young dynamic attacking midfielder with plenty of upside, and a potential 20 goal a season forward who isn’t old enough to get a break on his fucking car insurance at your disposal.. and you're leaving.

Oh yea.. and Gabby Torres.

What happened? Money? A falling out? Did it get too hard? Did you fall victim to the long standing frustration and hopelessness of being an employee of KSE?

All I am reading today is a lot of conjecture and I for one feel like the supporters are owed and explanation.

Warmest Regards,


Another genius post from a Burgundy Wave reader! Remember that this was written by a fan, not an official Burgundy Wave writer, and the content of this post might not necessarily be an official opinion of this blog's management.

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