Colorado Rapids September Preview: Three Big'Uns

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Three games, all six-pointers. It's almost certain that September will determine Colorado's playoff hopes when it's all said and done.

Though the Rapids only lost a single game in the month of August -- it being the game against the Eastern Conference team made it a little easier to swallow, as well -- they're still nowhere near guaranteed to be in the playoff positions once the season is dead and gone. September is the second-to-last month of the season, and it may end up being the biggest one when we're all said and done.

We'll only be seeing three games this month as teams continue to pile on the games in hand, but all three of those games are potential 'six-pointers'. I'll make a bold claim here: If Colorado loses all three games this month, they won't make the playoffs. If they do win all three, they will. That's how important these three games will be, especially considering two of them are on the road.

Let's see what's on tap:

9/7 @ LA Galaxy - Colorado's last trek to LA was an absolute stinker, but they were still in the murky early season form at that time. Since then, they've improved their form and got a good knockout blow against the Galaxy at DSGP as part of their nine-game unbeaten streak. Colorado should have a good shot at this one since LA will be missing so many player
BW Prediction: 2-1 win

9/14 vs. FC Dallas - This will probably be the most important game of the stretch. Dallas is another one of those teams currently scrapping for one of the lower playoff spots with the Rapids and, as we have said before, winning the remaining home games will be absolutely vital. The first game against Dallas this year, you may recall, was the opener where the Rapids played magnificently but still lost because of an early instance of the offense misfiring and Steward Ceus being Steward Ceus. The second match was a ping-pong battle that ended 2-2, where the Rapids played decently, but not great. By this logic, the Rapids will win this match, but look really bad while doing so. At least, that's the hope.
BW Prediction: 1-0 win

9/20 @ Portland Timbers - Let's just ignore this one, shall we?
BW Prediction: 2-0 loss


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