If Gabriel Torres, Vicente Sanchez Transfers Go Through, Which 3 Start Up Top?

Jeff Zelevansky

Let's assume that both of our latest rumored signings go through. What three players do you start up top, and what strikers get pushed to and off the bench?

It doesn't look quite as likely that the Rapids are going to get Gabriel Torres anymore. He tweeted last night that he was in negotiations with several clubs and his current club seem to be Rosario Central-ing the Rapids like we saw with the Martin Rivero Situation last season. (The difference this time, of course, is that there are some pretty high profile teams looking at Torres, while Rivero was essentially just one team talking to another.)

Oscar Pareja also said this in a Denver Post article earlier today:

But if Zamora continues to cause a problem, then "we're gonna let him go," Pareja said.

On the bright side, it doesn't look like we're going to have nearly as many problems with the rumored signing of Vicente Sanchez. The 33-year-old is being brought in as a veteran presence up top, and one who has a good history of scoring goals without the fitness issues that we've seen from Edson Buddle.

So, let's say that both transfers go through and the Rapids suddenly have both Torres and Sanchez in their already deep crop at forward. Which three guys start for you? Which two or three make it onto the bench?

If I'm the coach, Edson Buddle and Atiba Harris are the two who get knocked out of their starting positions at the top of the field, while Deshorn Brown usurps the third spot that Nick Labrocca had been holding for the past few games. Sanchez takes over on the wing in Harris' spot, with Brown on the other side and Torres handling the No. 9 duties up top. On the bench, we put Edson -- he can play 30 minutes a game with his fitness, at least -- along with Kevin Harbottle and Nick Labrocca over Harris, taking that last spot because he's a guy who can play forward and midfielder if needs be.

Why start Sanchez at his age instead of giving him only a short burst of time each game? Simply because solving the Rapids finishing issues requires as much talent there as possible, especially if Brown is one of the starting forwards. Giving him 60 a game instead of 30 a game can't hurt, and he'll have Buddle and Harbottle as the change-of-pace guys to take over for that end part. Plenty of versatility there. If/when Buddle gets injured, Kamani Hill would probably be my next choice because he brings a more polished game than Cascio or Harbottle.

That leaves Danny Mwanga, Tony Cascio, Atiba Harris and Kamani Hill on the bench in my scenario. Naturally, things could always change, but this is just a scenario for the first few games with the new guys on campus.

Who's your starting three and bench forwards if both transfers go through? Let us know in the comments.


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