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2013 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup - LOL

The Colorado Rovers, the Real Colorado Foxes and the Colorado Rapids will all be seeking the U.S. Open Cup in its 100th anniversary season.

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Good, Bad, Ugly: Open Cup & Dallas Edition

In the first two game week of the year, the Rapids bow out of the US Open Cup and tie with FC Dallas.


Good, Bad, Ugly - 2-0 Win With A Crowd!

The Colorado Rapids defeat Chivas USA 2-0 in front of a nearly packed house to bring their season record to 5-4-4


Rapids vs. Orlando - Player Ratings (Kind Of)

Well that sucked. In one of the most uneven and poor performances of the Oscar Pareja era, the Colorado Rapids get pounded 3-1 by a more prepared Orlando City team.


LOL Steward Ceus: The Game

Colorado lost to Orlando City in the third round of the Open Cup, largely because Oscar Pareja let Steward Ceus start the match. (He did not finish the match)


Orlando City vs. Colorado Rapids - Game Preview

On Tuesday, May 28th, the Colorado Rapids will face Orlando City FC in the US Open Cup 3rd Round at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.


It's The Perfect Week For A Healthier Rapids Squad

The Rapids play two games in four days this week, and their players are getting healthy at just the right time.


Rapids To Face Orlando City In USOC Third Round

Orlando City took down the Ocala Stampede on Tuesday, and the Rapids will face off against the Lions in the third round of the US Open Cup.


Rapids Open Cup Opponents Revealed

Colorado will either face Orlando City or Ocala in their first US Open Cup match on May 28th.


Colorado Rovers Fall In Penalties

All right, I'm going to be completely honest here, I don't remember much from that game. I mean, I was there, and I watched all of it, but I was too busy enjoying myself with the other C38 crew there to remember much of anything. Also I never learned anyone's name so that didn't help matters.

Here's some tidbits:

* Georgia was playing what looked like a 4-3-3 with three large targets up top, trying to overwhelm the smallish Colorado defense. Colorado came out in a 4-4-2 and looked like they were going for a width-based game, though they weren't particularly good at it.

* Both teams were playing hilariously bad soccer, which is what you expect from a USSSA team taking on an NPSL team, I suppose. It made for some very high entertainment value, who says Barca are the most fun team to watch in the world?

* The first goal came somewhere around a half hour in when a botched clearance or two in the box left one of Georgia's forwards wide open for an easy finish.

* Colorado equalized after a terrible mistake by the Georgia goalie allowed Marc Herschberger's ball to slip through a few minutes into the second half. (If it sounds like I don't know what times were, it's because the scoreboard was hilariously screwed up. At one point it said we were in the sixth quarter.)

* The penalty kicks were unremarkable, with Colorado going down early and then everyone making their kicks until the end.

* Shea Stadium is kind of a dump, the corners had slopes to them and there was a ditch that all the balls on the far side kept falling into. Also, the place is so small that when I did my famous 'Ball control in the gay bar' heckle at their goalie, every single person on Georgia's bench turned and gave me a 'What the fuck, man' look. One of my finest moments.

...That's it. Good night everyone, see you next time when the Foxes try to enact some Coloradan revenge on the Revs!


The Daily Wave: Take The Open Cup Seriously

The Rapids need to help their fans forget the Rochester Rhinos by winning the U.S. Open Cup for the first time.


Colorado Rovers vs. Georgia Revs - Game Preview

It's Open Cup time! The Colorado Rovers will help kick off the 100th anniversary of the oldest soccer competition in America on Tuesday when they face the Georgia Revolution.

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