Best Of The Colorado Rapids: By The Numbers - #34 Through #77

Tyrone Marshall, #34 - Justin Edmonds

Who’s the best Colorado Rapids player to wear #4? #9? #25? We’ll count them down and you decide.

Best Of The Rapids: By The Numbers -- #34 Through #77

Who's the best Rapids player to wear #4? #9? #25? We'll count them down and you decide.

This season we'll be taking a look at every player who has worn a Colorado Rapids jersey over the 18 years of the club's existence. Who was the best player to wear a particular jersey number? I'll list them, and you can vote and comment on the best players to don the burgundy...or black and blue...or green...

We'll count down to jersey #1, starting with a grab bag of the five guys who have worn numbers 34 through 77. Next week we'll look at #33, and so forth. Because the Rapids generally don't take the US Open Cup seriously and have traditionally played a lot of reserve team players and trialists, we will only be counting players who appeared in at least one Major League Soccer or CONCACAF Champion's League match.

Here goes:


  • Diego Serna -- 2005
    The Colombian forward warmed the bench for a while at the tail end of his otherwise decent MLS career. He was ultimately forgettable as a Rapid. Why 77? No idea. I guess #0 (as in the number of goals he scored) was busy the one day he played for Colorado. (Ed note: No relation to Dillon Serna, which is probably good, considering how blah he was.)


  • Harrison Henao -- 2012
    Another (partial) one-game wonder. The Colombian midfielder was a former teammate of Jaime Castrillon at Once Caldas, where Henao now plays again. Seems like a long trip for 22 minutes.


  • Edu -- 2012
    (A little South American theme happening here.) (Ed note: We've ALWAYS been moving to Miami!!) The Brazilian had one cap with his national team and some success in Europe, but couldn't do much here with limited opportunity.


  • Shane O'Neill -- 2012
    The Rapids' second homegrown player, O'Neill was a high-scoring #10 striker for Fairview High School in Boulder. But he recently started for the USA in U-20 World Cup Qualifying as a central defender. He hasn't impacted the Rapids much yet, but has a bright future. He now wears #27, so let's hope he's the best #27 to ever wear Burgundy. For now, he's the best and only #36.


  • Tyrone Marshall -- 2011-2012
    The Jamaican stalwart had two stints with the Rapids (the first as #8 in 1998). As #34 the last two seasons, he showed a bit of leadership, a lot of fouling, a bit more fouling, some cards, and he scored two goals.

Just for fun, others who wore the jersey, but never in an MLS or Champion's League game:

  • #35 - Rob Valentino - 2009
  • #35 - Brian Grazier - 2008
  • #34 - Scott Campbell - 2008

So who's the best Rapids player to ever wear a jersey number greater than 33? Vote below!

My Pick: He started out as a speedy forward and then a returned 13 years later as a somewhat glacial defender. But in a very weak field, Tyrone Marshall's two years are enough to give him the title.

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