2013 MLS Supplemental Draft: Rapids Select Four Players

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Four new players will be in camp for the Colorado Rapids following the Supplemental Draft, but they're all longshots to make the roster.

There was still some SuperDraft level talent available in the MLS Supplemental Draft, though not having any picks until the second round of the draft didn't really help Colorado's chances of getting any of it. (Colorado's first round pick was given to the LA Galaxy as a part of the trade that landed them Edson Buddle.) The three guys I mentioned earlier went to other teams, though Jose Gomez took a bit of a slide to Toronto at No. 38.

As per usual, all four of the players are going to be big longshots to make the roster, especially with the team now as deep and filled with youth as it currently is.

Here are the selections that were made:

Pick No. 25: Brenton Griffiths, South Florida
We were expecting a big center back at some point, and Griffiths fits the bill. Very athletic guy but also 6'3''. Also adds more Jamaican flair to the Rapids, but that's probably not important. I'm not sure if he's a U.S. citizen (plays for the Jamaican national youth teams), if he isn't it will hurt his chances of making the roster. I would assume he is.

Pick No. 37: Stefano Pinho, Brazil
Attacking midfielder, probably taken more as a flier than anything. Scored more goals than anyone at the MLS Combine, but is a longshot to make the roster since he's Brazilian, but the talent is there for a future on the team if he can do really, really well in camps. Probably the most talented of the four players the Rapids picked up today.

Pick No. 44: Machael David, UCSB
A rather generic midfielder that can play several different spots. Jack of all trades, master of none type from what scouts have said, but he has been given good reviews on his ability. Consistency and size are his biggest knocks, but going into one of the deepest positions on the field -- he played mostly as a holding midfielder last year -- he'll need to be special to make the roster. I guess you can get lesser praise than being described as another Juninho like the scout on MLSSoccer.com did.

Pick No. 63: Marcello Castro, Sacred Heart
Yet another big center back! 6'3'', did well for Sacred Heart but wasn't a name I heard much of during the pre-draft proceedings. I guess we'll see what he's got.

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