Sunday Rapids Links 7-8

COMMERCE CITY, CO - JULY 4: A huge American flag is unfurled on the field at Dick's Sporting Goods Park July 4, 2012 in Commerce City, Colorado as the national anthem is played before the start of the game. (Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Most of the news this week has all been out about the Colorado Rapids and every PNW team as the Rapids go on their 'Cascadia tour'.

After the jump, find the links for the Kosuke Kimura trade, some of my favorite Kimura moments and controversies that are surrounding the Rapids and owner Stan Kroenke

Kosuke Kimura will be dearly missed by all Rapids fans, and I hope that he is as greatly appreciated by the Timber's Army as he was in Colorado. They got a heck of a player! To start off the links, below are videos of my two favorite Kimura moments

Assist vs. San Jose in 2010 Playoffs

Kimura Scores from 75 Yards

And the following links are news and quotes from Kimura's trade to the Portland Timbers.

Let's talk about yesterday's Colorado-Portland trade

I like this article because the author considers Kimura one of the best backs in MLS

Rapids were reluctant to trade unsettled Kimura

I don't know how 'unsettled' Kosuke was on the 'Pids, according to Bravo. But we all with him luck!

Portland Timbers acquire defender Kosuke Kimura from Colorado Rapids

"We inquired about him at the start of preseason. (They) said no. We just kept tabs on him and we said to Colorado, 'If you come to the conclusion that you're looking to move him, please give us a call,' " Portland coach John Spencer said.

Kimura's arrival present 'Jewsbury Conundrum'

The Timber's captain may have a problem now that Kosuke is on the team. Kimura will certainly threaten him for playing time!

KSE Admit Keeping Files on Rapids Fans

Posted earlier this week, and regular reader of Burgundy Wave will be familiar with the original article that brought much of this controversy to light. But worth reading to know what's going on with the Rapids front office and Supporter's Culture. #FreeTeddy


Arsenal shareholders are realizing what Colorado Rapids, Avalanche and Nuggets fans have known for a long time, and are "complaining of a "tight" financial atmosphere that has led to selling off of expensive players and cheap replacements."

Maybe Stan can get one of those Arsenal players over to the Rapids?

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