What are you most excited for?

I have been a fan of all Colorado sports for 3 decades, but it took nearly that long for me to discover soccer and the Rapids. Having spent my formative adult years in Portland I became a fan of the Timbers, attending a couple of their games pre-MLS, and occasionally following the team. Then I moved back home to Colorado and forgot about soccer for a while. Until last year when the Timbers had their inaugural MLS game in Colorado. All my friends back in Oregon were going crazy about the move to MLS. I started reading Timbers media and getting excited too. I decided their inaugural game in Colorado was an event I could not miss...but I had a dilemma: to support for the Timbers or my home town team the Rapids.

Now I have been a fan of all things Colorado since I was born. I've attended Broncos games every season with my dad since I was five. I went to the Rockies first ever game and followed their World Series run passionately from Oregon. But the Rapids had always fallen off my radar. But given my love of thin air and the Rocky Mountains I decided that it was in my blood to support the Rapids.

I bought tickets for last years First Kick Event in section 108, as all my friends from PDX flew in to sit in the visitor's section at Dick's. They gave me a hard time, but I argued strongly that you have to support your local clubs. Besides the 'Pids were the reigning champs and everyone knew they'd beat Portland!

The energy at that game gave me goosebumps, as Class VI and the Pid Army spent all game trying to out sing the visiting Timbers Army.

Glory Glory COLORADO, Glory Glory COLORADO! Echoed throughout the stadium on top of Portland's 'Onwards Rose City' chants.

The 'Pids fans waved thousands of Burgundy flags as the small section of visiting fans was packed full with their green Cascadia flags. I had never seen anything like it. The energy and passion at this game quickly made it one of the most memorable sporting events I had ever attended. One of the most fun fan-experiences I've been a part of in Denver. I couldn't believe this was my first Rapids game.

The Rapids scored three goals and outplayed the Timbers the full match, and I couldn't have been happier or more excited. I was also glad that my friends visiting from Portland also seemed to just be happy that the Timbers finally got to MLS.

After that game, I was hooked on the Rapids and went as soon as I could to the ticket office and purchased my season tickets in section 108 and spent the rest of the season singing with Class VI. As Rapids supporters we may not be as large or loud as those from Portland or Seattle, but we are just as passionate! I'm excited to see the Rapids support start to expand and be part of the future of the Best Team in the Rockies!
This year, I have renewed my seats and can't wait for this weekend's game against Columbus! There are many many things this season that I am looking forward to. But I am most excited for the road trip to Portland this year, as well as being back with Class VI singing my throat dry in the thin rocky mountain air.
What are you most excited for this year's Rapids season?

#COYRapids #MileHighMagic and sometimes #RCTID.

Another genius post from a Burgundy Wave reader! Remember that this was written by a fan, not an official Burgundy Wave writer, and the content of this post might not necessarily be an official opinion of this blog's management.

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