Rumors all up in here as Tim Hinchey visits Dallas for Mysterious Reasons


Well, we all knew this would happen, now didn't we?

Since Tim Hinchey announced that he was in Dallas and the announcement of our new 'true 10' player would be delayed until tomorrow, a pretty hilarious crop of rumors have started swirling all over twitter, some of which are possibly fabricated. It started when we realized that River Plate had played in Dallas back on Saturday, a team which just happens to be chock full of Argentinian players. (Surprise surprise!)

Is Hinchey down there to pick up his man from River Plate? Perhaps he's down there to get a Jersey sponsor and come back with a whole boat load of new awesome things? Maybe he just really wanted some Tex Mex and was looking to get to the real source? Maybe he's secretly trying to buy Brek Shea? It truly is a mystery. (Nothing yet to the rumor that the Hunts are planning a secret plot to block all Rapids moves in the future, but Ben is hot on the trail, it's right in his pockets.)

The staff of Burgundy Wave have decided that the official rumor we're sticking with is the following:

23 year old Argentine Angel 'Hot Pockets' Luna is going to be our true #10 player signing tomorrow. This is based on purely scientific facts, like this post on a Spanish forum a year ago that said he was totally going to leave River Plate. Also, the fact that he's only 13 days removed from being 22 which is close enough in our books, and the fact that nobody guessed him in that contest that somebody won is just what he WANTS us to think.

Do not question our investigative journalism and tip line!

So yeah, today has been quite rich in rumors... Though some were better than others.

Pick your favorite rumor, quick! It's a war out there, kid. War!!


(And then this is the part where we just list random Argentinian players and claim we got it right when the announcement gets made and we luck out.)

EDIT: New sources indicate things.

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