An Open Letter to Don Garber. UPDATED.




Congratulations Don, the hypocrisy of this is disciplinary decision is mind-boggling. Marcos Mondaini's tackle on Javier Morales was both retaliatory and from behind with no possible approach on the ball. Whereas the tackle Brian Mullan made one Steve Zakuani was at least was on a relative line to make a play of the ball. Sadly both had the same resulting consequences of severe injury. Yet the polar opposites in the leagues choice supplemental discipline are astonishing. This is beyond ridiculous. I think the only difference between the two is the lack of national outrage surrounding this particular incident. Sadly I fear this is the real reason behind the difference, which to wit, I wish you or someone from the league could directly respond to this (not that I'm expecting a response).
You have lost a vast amount of credibility in this fan's eyes. I thought we as a league were beginning to turn a corner; with a MLS  team cracking FIFA's World Club Rankings Top 25 for the first time in league history in Real Salt Lake, the Cascadia Cup getting national attention, MLS games being shown regularly overseas, the impact the expansion clubs and the exponential growth of supporters groups around the league. Yet with this decision, you have managed to both embarrass yourself, the league and given detractors just another excuse to dismiss MLS as a credible league the nation and the soccer world should take seriously.  Congratulations again and thanks for nothing.

A seriously outraged and perplexed Colorado Rapids Supporter, Jonathan B.


Well the League Office has confirmed the suspension and issued a statement regarding the decision. The Following is an excerpt From Nelson Rodriguez, MLS executive vice president of competition, technical and game operations.

During its discussions, the committee characterized Mondaini’s tackle as late, clumsy, and from behind," Rodriguez said. "It was also, however, seen as an attempt to prevent his opponent from scoring. Brian Mullan’s tackle on Steve Zakuani last month did not serve such a purpose. Rather, it showed utter disregard for his opponent’s safety and appeared to be driven by anger.-- Via

If this is what the MLS leadership saw, It is clear in my eye's they do not understand Soccer. What I take away from this statement is that they clearly felt they overreacted with the Mullan decision.

Another genius post from a Burgundy Wave reader! Remember that this was written by a fan, not an official Burgundy Wave writer, and the content of this post might not necessarily be an official opinion of this blog's management.

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